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My damn fellings

Everybody thinks
I'm crazy
I'm addicted
but this is not like iit is

I'm only hurted
having no more tears
because all I had
belonged to you

You did not
want them
I'd give it to flowers

I ask myself if I will
ever cry again
I think not
perhaps I think wrong

Perhaps I didn't love you enough
and everythink I write is
I don't know anymore

confusion was everytime
a pice of me
desperation, too
the one thing I knew, is that I loved only you

maybe still love you
how I said
Love was the only clear thing
now I am pure desperation

writing makes my soul feel right
and allthough the other think
I'll make out this a Song
to be famous

This is not like it is
I only write down
what I can not say to you
with looking you in the eyes

Many are to read this
so I can
give it to you

Do you think
about what
I said to you?
I don't even know

When you think about it
you don't say
I can understand this
but had you have to go like this?

Without any wourd of Goodbye?
I said
"Well than we stay like this"
Do you really think I will never come back?

Perhaps this is what you want
but I think
also for you
I could not stand this

I will write something to you, sure
This I do often in my dreams
This is what makes me stay alive
although I really want to forget everything

But I can't
It doesn't hurt
we had never(or?) been together
It fells like we had been

How can I make this
not-hurting go away?
had I been childish
to quiet in a strange sens?

I see only one way
to forget you
but how
this is the question

When I think,
I think of you
When I dream,
I dream of you

I feel like I am a stalker
but I'm only in Love
Shall I change myself
DAMN! I only think of me!

13.9.07 15:34

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